Awards & Promotions

The mission of the Regional Recognition Office is to promote member engagement and retention by celebrating core Star Trek values such as service, exploration, mutual understanding, and personal improvement. The Regional Recognition Officer (RRO) oversees the Regional Awards Program and assists the Regional Coordinator in identifying members who should be nominated for Flag Rank promotions. Monthly Status Report (MSR) videos are published on the Region 8 YouTube Channel.

Awards Program:

Region Eight members who are also STARFLEET members in good standing are eligible for recognition.

Application Process:

The following awards may be earned at any time when the requirements are met: 

Spock Time in Service Award

Regional Recruiting Award

Rom Award for Heroism

Tom Paris First Aid Award

Please nominate yourself or another STARFLEET Region 8 Member by using this link. Provide the required statement of support for a nomination by using this form. These applications will be reviewed once a quarter.

The nomination period for 2021 Cycle B awards will open in November, 2021.

Rank Promotions:

As a part of STARFLEET, promotions in Region Eight are governed by the member handbook and policies adopted by the current Executive Committee / Admiralty Board.