Regional Heraldry

The symbols and insignia of the 8th Fleet.


The insignia was designed to reflect the deep and ancient history that the Region (Africa & and the Middle East) represents.

It incorporates elements relating to some of the most significant advancements made by humans in our Region over the last 2 million years. It demonstrates the origins of the curiosity and ambition that has driven our species to discover and explore our homeland, and eventually seek out strange new worlds.


Ships of the 8th Fleet may display the 8th Fleet flag.

(Based on the personal standard of Edward "Blackbeard" Teach)


Regional staff are entitled to wear the following uniforms while representing the Region.

 Starbase 8 (headquarters of the 8th fleet) uses the 2366 (original timeline) uniform set, as seen in Star Trek (the Original Series).

Acceptable substitutions to this uniform set include any set of a similar time period and visual nature, such as:

USS Enterprise shipboard uniformsAs seen in Star Trek: Discovery
Shipboard uniformsAs seen in The Cage
Shipboard uniformsAs seen in Star Trek: Beyond
Shipboard uniformsAs seen in Star Trek (2009)