Promoting Star Trek Fandom in Africa and the Middle-East 

Region 8 is one of twenty geographically designated regions across the Planet Earth, and encompasses the continent of Africa, the Sinai Peninsula, the Arabian Peninsula, several nation-states surrounding the Persian Gulf and a great many islands off the coast of continental Africa, including Madagascar.

Despite the large geographic size of Region 8 (it's the largest in the 'fleet), there are comparatively few chapters active within the Region. This means we are all a very close-knit family here, and we would love to welcome you into our community.

The Region's flagship, the USS Dauntless, is a correspondence chapter based in Cape Town, South Africa. Commanded by our Regional Coordinator, Vice Admiral Owen Swart, the Dauntless patrols our region constantly searching for new fans to join her mission. 

New ships are joining our fleet! You could serve on one of them!